The Dog Training Muzzle

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 6:50 PM

Society looks at a muzzle like a bad thing..

It looks bad, makes them look mean, something is wrong with the dog if he is wearing a muzzle, etc…

The truth is that every dog can benefit from learning to comfortably wear a muzzle.. The responsible thing to do is to have your dog used to wearing a muzzle, especially if there is any chance your dog may bite someone or another animal. It is in the owner’s best interest, as well as the dogs to wear a muzzle when it is needed.

We like to call the muzzle “Party Hat” because that is what it is. The dog can party with family members, etc.. when normally they would have to be locked in the room or worse, the owner just lets them run free and they end up biting someone.

The muzzle should be looked at like a good thing vs. a bad thing. It has been an ongoing project, to get the dogs at the shelter used to wearing a muzzle, as this can be one of the most beneficial things for them.

Below are two videos, one with Clancy and one with Tink. They are both at opposite sides of the spectrum right now. Clancy just started, so I am only really introducing it to him in this video. Tink has pretty much completed with the muzzle training, as you can see in the video. If done correctly, they will enjoy the muzzle, rather than get fearful when they see it. As you can see in Tinks video, she is wagging her tail throughout with great body language, as she knows she will get lots treats and praise when she has her “Party Hat” on.

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