Quotes My dog Ozzy is very aggressive towards strangers. With the help of Chris and his techniques we now have the tools to manage the dog to keep both people and him out of harms way. Ozzy will be spending a long happy life with us as we live with less worry about his behavior. Thanks Chris!!! Quotes
Eric Savitch
The dog stays!

Quotes Chris worked miracles training my dog George. He took my anxiety ridden dog and trained him to be a calm and confident pooch. I couldn't have done it without him Quotes
Paul and Jackie
Our Dog George

Quotes When we adopted Beckett, a one-year-old black Lab, we expected him to be as mellow as our old Lab. Surprise! The word "mellow" wasn't in Beckett's vocabulary. Since working with Chris, however, the word "manageable" is. Chris helped us to teach Beckett to come, heel, and go to a place, among other things. We're a much happier dog family thanks to Chris. Quotes
Jeannette and Glenn

Quotes My dog Junior was always a very stubborn puppy but is very smart and learned fast. My biggest problem was walking on a leash. I have tried a few different techniques before getting in contact with Chris and none of them worked. I set up a consultation and talked to Chris. Junior breezed through phase 1 and then it was time to learn to heel. Junior picked up on the command naturally once I learned how to use my body language to tell him what I want. Before all of the training with Chris I didn't even believe I could have Jr. off leash. After graduating phase 3 its almost unfair to not have him off leash because he is such a good boy. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to get their dog trained the right way. Thanks Chris! Quotes
Care Free Owner

Quotes We had an unruley Labradoodle and before Chris came in, we had no control. We couldn't take him for walks as he would pull us over. We couldn't leave him out of the crate without him destroying everythng. Now he never goes in the crate and is a treat to have around. When someone comes to our door, we send him to his "place" and he stays there until we free him up, which is great as he isn't bombarding everyone when they come in anymore. Also, walking is cake now, my 5 year old daughter can easily walk him. We walk in heel off leash to the park, play fetch and just hangout wihtout a worry that he will run away or get into trouble. Thank you so much Chris!!! without you it wasn't going to work for our dog Boo! Quotes
Cheryl and Ted
Our life is much easier!!

Quotes Chris knows the American Pit Bull Terrier breed and he understands Sam as an individual. Under the guidance of Chris, Sam performed very well. I was the one who had a lot to learn and Chris did an awesome job training me. Thanks a bunch! -Tina Quotes
Tina and Sam

Quotes Rocky is a huge part of our family and it wouldn't be nearly as fun without your expert advice! Quotes
Naomi & Rocky
Thanks for all you do