Advance Obedience:
Primarily completed in your home
     Some basic commands you will learn, but are not limited to:
-"Leash Manners" and "name recognition"
-"Come" (on and off leash)
-"Sit" and "Down" (on and off leash)
-"Climb" and "Place" (on and off leash)
-"Leave it" and "OK" (engage) (on and off leash)
-"Heel" (on and off leash)
- Every command has a built in "Silent Stay" the dog will then learn a "Free" command to be released

Puppy Prep:
  We come to your home for a Puppy Consultation. This will get you started with your newest family member. Understanding why they are doing the things that they are doing and how to prevent them from happening. Also within this session we will show you what to start doing now, so when they get older you will not run into the problems that most dog owners see.

Dog Training Classes:

Contact for information, as we have some exciting news coming!

Canine Good Citizen Test:
Please contact for availble test openings and time frames

Protection Training:
 Contact for pricing and rules to get into the program.